Native App Notifications

As the Aer Lingus native app was released as an MVP, it didn’t have push notifications in the early iterations. Push notifications are a vital part of the travel experience, from notifying users of check-in and boarding times to delays and disruptions. They also give the opportunity to notify users of sales, and to up-sell relevant ancillaries.

As a part of this project, I mapped out the user journey and possible touchpoints for notifications. Ensuring they were not doubled up across different platforms (email) causing frustration to the user.

We implemented a wayfinding API from Locus Labs. Locus Labs helps you find your way to any point of interest using maps or search. It uses virtual augmented reality to guide the passenger through the airport terminal. Using this technology and beacons that are placed across the terminal, we are able to push a notification to the passenger informing them of the length of time it would take them to get to the gate.

This proved of great benefit to the user and therefore increased app retention. It also ensures the plane takes off on time saving the airline unnecessary costs.


Notifications allow the airline to upsell, for example when travelling to New York we know many people going shopping so we use this opportunity to upsell a bigger baggage allowance on return flights.

Boarding Gate

Waiting on the boarding gate to be announced in the airport lounge is a big pain point for passangers, push notifications allow us to send this information directly to the passengers phone. No more running back and forth to the screens. Beacons located around the airport also give the user an estimated walking time to the gate.

Delays and disruptions

If your flight is delayed there's no point in heading to the airport at the scheduled time, our app users can avail of this information and relax at home for the delayed period.


The way finding feature from locus labs allows users to open their app and use an augmented virtual reality map through their phone. This feature saves the airline lost revenue from delayed passangers.

Notification User Journey Map

Competitor Analysis

For this project, I carried out extensive competitor analysis. I looked at some of the best in class airlines like Delta, Lufthansa and KLM. I also looked at outside airlines at some of the major industry disrupters like Kayak, Skyscanner and Google Flights.

Gate Change Notification

See below the user flow for a gate change notification. The app automatically generates a new boarding pass for the user.


See below the concept for locas labs API implementation in the Aer Lingus App.

A Moment of Delight

It was important to us that we added delight to the travel experience. Below, a passenger has just landed at their travel destination and they recieve a notification wishing them a good trip.