Hello, I’m Caroline. I’m a Lead Product Designer from Dublin.

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Over 6 years of experience creating elegant and intuitive product solutions.

My goal is to make products that are simple, obvious and a delight to use. Take a look at my process on how to get there.

Empathise and Define

Conduct behaviour led user research, empathise and discover pain points to help define the problem. Create a problem statement based on user insights and business goals.

Ideate and Design

Conduct workshops with different stakeholders and generate a range of creative ideas. Brainstorm without constraints. Now design and evaluate potential solutions.

Prototype and Test

Build real, tactile, protoypes for a range of your best ideas and return to your users for feedback and validation. Reiterate until you have a viable solution.  

Evaluate & Learn

Ship a solution that delivers real value for the user. Closely evaluate the solution after shipping, Learn from user behaviour and gain valuable insights for future iterations.