Project Goal


Inflight Dublin is a leading global provider of in-flight entertainment solutions for both wireless and seat-back systems. The aim of this project was to create one of the most comprehensive end-to-end wireless IFE platforms in the industry. It’s a white label product that can be tailored to each airlines’ needs.

Creating a white label in-flight entertainment product

My role on the project was to lead the design across all platforms. As the user can bring their own device on board, it had to work across all platforms.

As this is a brand new product in the industry, we were encouraged to think outside the box. We conducted extensive user research, asking users not only what they would want in terms of entertainment but also what could they do that would save them time after landing and help elevate the pain of travelling on long flights.

Features beyond seat back in-flight entertainment

Taking in-flight entertainment to the next level, we added personalisation to IFE. We implemeted features such as:

  • Kids mode
  • Playlists
  • Suggestions
  • Meal alerts

In addition to this, we partnered with Airport transport providers and implemented API’s for event listings, city guides and top attractions. Allowing passengers to plan their trip during their flight. They could then download their itinerary to their device to use as needed. As well as being of great benefit to the user, this also earned additional ancillary revenue for the airline.

Final Deliverables